Jail words and special delivery

It was not a boring day.

Today I visited the county jail with my friend Lana. We prayed beforehand and got some words of knowledge. I quickly wrote them on a piece of paper. As we started in the isolation and moved toward the general pods, we saw one lady get healing in her hip, two others receive healing over things being “exposed” for healing, one receive peace over her courtcase, another receive God’s word for completion over her case, yet another receive a promise of hope, several receive refreshment, one revelation and understanding, God touched several with right head pain, right foot pain, neck/back pain.

In the parking lot, God gave me a word for a lady about someone near her who was sick or having a hard time. She said it was herself. Prayed over her job, for a clearing out of ick. She then shared about God audibly speaking to hear 6 years prior that she’s to work with babies in Africa. I prayed over that word in her life. So looking forward to the fruit from that! She was touched and grateful.

I stopped by the hospital around 5:30pm to visit my Nepali friend who was in labor. I stayed until after the baby was born at 9:23pm. What an honor to step in as my dear friend’s cheerleader! And her husband and mother-in-law asked me to pray over her several times. I prayed, and texted others to join.

The baby was born, but was in shock, and all the nurses available came in to work on the baby. I was speaking life out loud over the little girl. Then mom was bleeding a lot, so I prayed over her, too. The nurses and doctor worked very hard. God’s hand miraculously intervened. When I left, the baby was on monitors in the nursery awaiting the pediatrician on call. Praying life and the breath of heaven over and in her.

What a day. Thank You Lord, for caring about those in prison, and for being the author and sustainer of life.